Watch Chinese News channel Live (CGTN) from China

China Global Television Network (abbreviation:CGTN) is an international news dissemination organization of the people’s Republic of China for global broadcasting under the Central Radio and Television Corporation, a public institution directly under the State Council, established on December 31, 2016. Set up 6 TV channels, 3 overseas sub stations, 1 video news agency and new media cluster.

China International Television, initially known as CCTV English international channel, was trial broadcast on June 27, 1997 and officially launched on September 25, 2000, Call sign CCTV-9 (different from CCTV-9 as a recording channel). On April 26, 2010, the English international channel was renamed the English news channel, and the call sign was adjusted from CCTV-9 to CCTV-News. On December 31, 2016, China Global Television Network (cgtn) under CCTV was officially established.

In March 2018, the CPC Central Committee issued the plan for deepening the reform of Party and state institutions, and issued a notice to establish the Central Radio and television station and abolish the establishment of CCTV (China International Television), Central People’s Radio and China International Radio.